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About us

Decoracio’ was born over a cup of coffee and around a discussion about home décor. We bring to you exclusively designed products from across the globe, which will add an exquisite charm to your beautiful abode. Decoracio’ is a luxury home décor brand and we believe every home is different. We are passionate about cherry-picking novelties and crafting décor elements, which will make your home an extension of your charm, warmth and essence.

Decoracio offers a wide range of luxury home fashion products that bring out the best in your surroundings and celebrate the fusion of style and comfort in your home. With a desire for something extraordinary, we opened the doors to some of the most amazing talents and we brought together some exceptional designs from young, budding designers all over the country. We believe in curating a luxurious lifestyle that makes a flat or a bungalow - a HOME! But what makes the four walls a home? It’s comfort for you and the ambience for the guests. 
Decoracio provides you the best of both worlds because it understands that when it comes to home, you don’t need a lot of choices…you just need the right ones! Our products are made to beautify your home in ways so exquisite and luxurious, that you’d want to brag about them…but we’ll tell you what, you won’t have to because they would speak for themselves and they’ll woo your guests away with their charm! Don’t believe us? Take a look around our website and see it yourself. Happy Shopping!